Linden Marie presents Sunday, June 10

Part 1: The Performance:
There is a sound I have to make, within a story I have to tell, in the only way I’m able to at this time. The one place I want to begin this project is the valley of my birth, with the mountain folk I adore, in the safe container of these Sunday sessions. Nothing about sharing these sounds is easy. But holy resilience is the key and all is for the allowance of healing. 

Long ago, Martin Prechtel lovingly wrote to me, “Weep into the footprints of all your past shipwrecks, then watch beauty grow in there and the Holy bend her head to drink at these wells of grief.” Indeed, this exact beauty has grown the wings of two human butterflies who are living together, into the truth that we can heal from anything. For this short set of improvised music I will be joined by Naomi Siegel and Ed Stalling, who have shown me time and time again, that they are not afraid to dive into deep waters. I welcome you to join us in the openings.

Part 2: The Sessions:
Sometimes poems save lives. Sometimes they rot in the belly of the one they call upon for help, never to be given space to be listened for, let alone written down. Sometimes poems sit in closed journals on dusty shelves, never to be opened or spoken out loud. Sometimes they hold shame for even being there. Sometimes the craft of directly building letters and spaces to birth a poem is a key element in rebuilding a human body back from the netherworld. Sometimes a poem makes a new world form. And sometimes a poem – or a piece of one – sets the tone for a small group of bold musicians to gather together in a glacial valley and improvise.

In the past many years, I have lived through these relationships with poetry, and many more. On June 10th, new worlds will indeed be formed with the theme of poetry. I will read a section of one of my poems at the beginning of each improvisation, collaborative sound will follow. And then we will repeat!

Part 3: Details for the Evening:
This FreeSessions will be filmed by Matt Anglen from Arts Missoula! Thank you to Matt and the Arts Missoula team for this generous offering! Also, this is an evening which will include a wide range of emotional intimacy and vulnerability. All who attend are welcome to explore internal terrain of great tenderness.

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