Caroline Keys presents Sunday, February 3

FreeSessions: SoupHerBowl Sunday AKA SuperbHole Sunday
February 3rd, 2019
Curated by Caroline Keys

Caroline Keys curates Lakebottom Sound’s February 2019 FreeSessions. The event will take place during Superbowl LII. The theme of the evening will be SoupHerBowl Sunday AKA SuperbHole Sunday.

During the presentation portion of the evening I will ask for group participation in order to brainstorm elements of the championship football game, it’s rules, equipment, traditions, and emotions. Any respectful, compassionate term “in the key of Superbowl” will be fair game to be included in the brainstorming session. Ie: anything from scrimmage lines to referees, from Janet Jackson to nacho cheese works.

Out of the group’s brainstorming session I will assemble as many sets of constraints as we have sets of improv duos in the room. Each duo will receive a group-generated prompt/constraint that will inform their improvisation. Brainstorm session takes place at 6pm, improv begins at 6:30. Duos may consist of participants working with sound, movement, visual media, words, light, flavor, vibration.

SoupHerBowl Sunday
SuperbHole Sunday
will deconstruct, reorganize, and perhaps feminize your Superbowl experience.