Bill Kautz presents Sunday, June 2

Duke Ellington said that “simplicity is a most complex form”.

The true nature of our ideas are not inherently complex, but we sometimes make them so. Trying to codify our thoughts and feelings into a specific language can sometimes result in the essence of the feeling getting diminished, lost, confused or transformed. This is a significant reason why I embrace improvisational music because I find that myself, and others, are much more in tune to themselves through this method of communication. However, I can still find myself “talking” too much as I search for a focal point or a sense of meaning with my playing. I can then lose or miss the true meaning of the improvisation at that given moment.

The curation tonight will focus on reflecting on our individual roots and history through the aid of film and images. Family, childhood, home, history, an awareness of how things have changed and more will be explored. Musicians will be improvising to film clips never before seen with a cache of graphic notation prompts and prompts to just encounter and improvise. All are at each individual’s discretion. The aim is to score these film clips in real time with complete presence and simplicity. As each of us has very different backgrounds we will place our own reaction into the collective. There may be synergy. There may be conflict and opposition. There may be confusion. We will allow the opportunity for any of those ideas to form during our time.

Following the curation, I want all of us to focus on the true nature of what we are trying to communicate and aim to be simple. Every improvisation will have a unique image projected as your prompt. Please study it before you begin. Please get to know one another before you begin. Then proceed with simple ideas and explore how they can be stretched and altered during the time you have together.

Even if we present opposing views, we can create a space where we can listen, reflect and get in touch with the true nature surrounding each message.

I look forward to seeing you on June 2nd.