Heidi J & Friends present Sunday, August 4

Free Sessions August 2019

The curation of August Free Sessions will be a collaboration with Dawn McGee, Madeline Rose, Sarah Anderson, Brendan Casey, Courtney Sowa and Steve Kalling. All musicians have an equal voice in the creation of the song arrangements. The excerpts from the 4 songs played at the August Free Sessions have been, or will be recorded in Missoula. The songs are part of a multimedia project: Free System – Sistema Libre, which will be posted online in late fall, 2019. (See below) Thus far there are approximately 25 artists involved in the project.

Following our 30 minute curation, we will ask all Free Sessions participants to write words for the following 3 categories: dark, light and x-factor. We will put the words into corresponding vessels, then group people into trios or quartets and have them pick 3 words, which will guide their improvisation. We request that people listen deeply to each other and HAVE FUN! All participants have an equal voice.

After facing my own darkness for a few years and coming out of it, Free Sessions was the first community space I came to where I felt safe enough to express my voice again. I am very grateful for Lakebottom Sound, Wave and Circuit, Homegrown and Revival Comedy, the ISCSM drag community and the dance scene at the Badlander for helping me. I appreciate the beautiful diversity of artists and people here.

Learning to listen to ourselves, each other and the earth is a mysterious process. I am currently attempting to listen openly to others and take accountability for my own crap. I am also intentionally creating relationships with equal power and equal voice. I view power as an energy and intelligence we harness within ourselves, not gained by dominating or shaming others or ourselves. I use these approaches as inspiration in all my creative collaborations.

Free System – Sistema Libre

A new system, that unfolds organically, functions healthfully, and is honest, loving, fun, intelligent, wild, creative and conscious. This system supports individuals on their path of growth, self-empowerment and healing irrespective of age, race, gender identification, economic status and spiritual affiliation. This new system cares deeply for the Earth, our home, and prioritizes its regeneration.

Not subject to the control, domination or manipulation of oneself or another. Unconstrained by timidity or distrust. Free to express oneself without causing harm to self or others. Free from unconscious suffering. Free to listen. Free from shame. Free to discover who we are.

Working together as parts of an interconnecting and interdependent network. Delineated by boundaries. Forming a unified whole. A social organization with a common purpose.
A harmonious arrangement or pattern.

I am human. I have fear, courage, sadness, joy, doubts and hope.
I am dark. I am light. I am in process.
For all my relations.