Michael Musick, Bill Kautz & Naomi Siegel present Sunday, December 1

It’s our 2 year anniversary!

We improvise because….


Bill Kautz:


I improvise to be grounded.


Improvisation is the most effective way for me to understand myself in a given moment, and to accept my position in that moment. It is spiritual, meditative and when conducted with others who understand and foster a similar sensitivity during improvisation, deeply embracing.


Improvisation has opened opportunities that nothing else could have. It continues to be a regular driving force in who I am becoming. A constant teacher. My life is unimaginable without its presence.



Michael Musick:


I improvise because, to me, it is the most authentic form of creation. I improvise to connect to the immediacy of the moment with a force larger than myself. I improvise with others for the art of the journey.



Naomi Siegel:


I improvise to

ride the edge of the moment



and create in real time

I improvise to

breath and be mindful

be delightfully playful and creative

have fun and stretch the limit of possibilities

in devotion of the present

I improvise to

“value sound/silence as an infinitely flexible tool”*

serve the music, the piece, the collective creation

deeply listen

and love

I improvise to

be vulnerable, take risks and make way for authentic creation

listen with my whole body and being

connect to the moment, myself, my surroundings, my community

I improvise to

be adaptable and fluid

appreciate and learn

collaborate and smile

give and receive

I improvise to

be open

stretch the possibilities of music-making

and transcend boundaries

as a spiritual practice


* quote by Neil Welch