FreeSessions v. 26 Sunday, January 5

Open session. We will be improvising the whole time with varying group sizes. There will be a sign up sheet when you arrive that you can sign up to participate.

Introduce yourself to your collaborators.

Take a moment of breath and silence before you play.

Can you be playful and hold this as a place of growth – a space to create something new?

Remember this session is about collaboration and experimentation. It’s about serving the piece through sound, movement, silence. It’s about listening with your whole body, through your pores. It’s about honoring everyone’s innate ability to create. It’s about being kind. Silence is a super worthy contribution. It’s about committing to the piece.

It can feel intimate, vulnerable, and uncomfortable.

Our aim is to make it as safe a place as possible for as many folks as possible. Try not to let your discomfort cause others to feel unsafe. Discomfort is different than pain. Discomfort is to be expected when being experimental and creating something brand new. Please be conscious of personal space and volume in this space.

Always feel free to pass if your name is called and you don’t want to participate. You can also step out of an improvisation if necessary.

Here’s to being playful, having fun, expressing, listening, collaborating, making new sounds, connecting with community, and doing so in a way that is mutually supportive.

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